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For centuries olives have been a symbol of life, health, purity and peace, carrying a treasure of nutrients beneficial for health in countless ways. The oil obtained from olives is enriched with holistic qualities and finds manifold uses in cooking, cosmetics, medicine, soaps and also as fuel for lamps.
Numerous health studies have shown how the use of olive oil in cooking has lead to healthier living and prevention of various diseases which arise due to intake of unhealthy trans fats and saturated fats and improper lifestyle. Replacing unhealthy fats with monounsaturared fats as in olive oil in our diets not only nourishes our bodies but also keeps diseases at bay. Using moderate amounts of olive olive oil has shown to improve cardiovascular health, cognitive functions, lipid profile and results in a healthy body with nourished skin and hair.

Oro Verde was established in 2011 in Spain with the aim to make the valuable health benefits of olive oil known to the world. We deliver the goodness of olives with our superior quality extra virgin olive oil produced from the finest olives of Rute,Cordoba. The oil is obtained from the first cold press by mechanically crushing the olives. Cold Compressed Extra Virgin Olive oil is considered to be the best because it is the least processed and retains its full nutritional value. We take great care during the process of extraction so that the oil retains all its flavour and quality when it reaches your table.

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