Oro Verde extra virgin olive oil is produced with great care from the finest olives of Rute. Our goal is to bring the best oil to you table, enriching the flavour of your favorite recipes with a deep fruity aroma and goodness of olives.

The process of extracting oil from the olives is carried by mechanical means from start to finish. Olives are carefully harvested to avoid any damage and are processed soon after harvest. We make sure the extraction process is in line with the standards and results in superior quality olive oil.


  • The olives are carefully harvested to avoid any bruising or crushing. Any damage to the fruit can cause oxidation and fermentation leading to an "off" flavoured oil. For a good quality oil olives should be processed soon after harvesting to ensure quality of olives.

  • Olives are washed with cold water to remove twigs, leaves, stems and dirt. After rinsing, the olives are passed along a conveyer belt for milling.

  • Milling is a process of crushing the olives by steel rollers. This process removes stones and breaks down the cells, facilitating oil to be released from the vacuoles.
  • A need for a second mill may arise depending upon the resiliency of the olives' skin and the stage of maturation. The crushed olives are grinded into paste and undergo malaxation, where the paste is mixed for 20 to 45 minutes allowing oil droplets to combine. The longer the the paste is mixid, more the flavour is developed. However more exposure to air affects the quality of oil due to fermentation and oxidation reducing shelf-life of the oil.
  • The paste is then moved to a hydraulic press where it is spread over hemp mats or bags with synthetic fibres. The bags are stacked onto a press plate and are then pressed with a piston to extract the oil.
    The extracted oil is pumped into a centrifuge, where the drum rotates with high speed separating water from the oil.
  • After this the liquiid goes for profiling, but since it might contain some solid impurities, it therefore is sent for filteration. First it is sent through a diatom filter to remove the solids and then it is passed through paper filters.
    A machine fills up the bottles with oil along with nitrogen to minimize degradation. The bottles are then labelled and packaged with all the necessary production details on the label.


Oroverde Olive oil

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